The One That Got Away by Eileen Huckett

The One That Got Away by Eileen Huckett

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: 978178710459


This is a tale never told before. It unravels the mystery of that one sock we all have that unfathomably goes missing. It is an adventure that travels the world and beyond, creating mystery and intrigue, littered with vanity and greed, and encountering quirky characters along the way. At first, the sock creates havoc, mayhem and embarrassment and damages precious reputations of the self-important. The sock becomes Public Enemy No. 1, and a bounty is put on its sole. A turn of fate sees the sock redeem itself and become revered, even by those it unwittingly crossed. It is soon hailed as a super hero by almost all. The sock is elected as President of the United States of America. However, skulduggery simmers in the background.A humorous yarn full of unexpected twists, morality, karma and a good few laugh-out-loud moments


192 pages