So Many Hats (or Veils) by Wid Kattan

So Many Hats (or Veils) by Wid Kattan

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We play many roles in life and wear many hats: the human, the individual, the romantic, the man or woman, the parent, etc.

Can you make a connection with someone who seems so foreign to you, someone who wears hats you can’t begin to understand? Hats that – on first glance – may even seem threatening to you?

Is it possible to wear many hats without losing yourself, to integrate them into one “I”?

These are some questions I explore in my poetry, questions that float around in my head, under my own many hats.


all my hats,

my eyes—

they stay the same.


into my soul,

that’s ’who

“I” am.

I am not any of my hats or roles.

I’m just another kindred  soul.


About the Author

Wid Kattan is a poet, writer and mother. She works as a psychiatrist,
therapist and life coach, and specializes in women’s mental health
and wellness. She trained in Canada and works in Saudi Arabia. Her
empathic way of helping others through her work is firmly rooted in
her personal as well as her professional experience.